The BnF – Bibliothèque nationale de France & SOON PARIS

The BnF and contemporary prints, a forward-looking decision

The National Library of France (the BnF) holds no less than 40 million books, prints, periodicals, manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings, and further items. More than a quarter of these are contained within the Department of Prints and Photography. Led by Cécile Pocheau-Lesteven, the dynamic section of contemporary prints and artist’s books is developing future-oriented initiatives in support of contemporary print art and the increasing number of young artists taking significant interest in this medium.

For its upcoming second edition, SOON, the contemporary limited edition art fair will present a selection of prints, in alliance with the BnF, from the national library’s collection to showcase the latter’s endorsement of this artistic production. Without the pretense of being entirely exhaustive, the group of works thus assembled will appeal to artists (Jean-Michel Alberola, Jean-Charles Blais, Jasper Johns, Lamarche-Ovize, A.R. Penck, Markus Raetz, Ed Ruscha, Barthélémy Toguo…) for the wide array of styles and techniques that it encapsulates. Displaying lithographs, etches, aquatints, drypoints, and screen prints, amongst others, will mirror the multifaceted nature of contemporary art. Maintaining this degree of diversity contributes to contemporary art’s perpetual renewal.

Philippe Piguet, artistic director of SOON PARIS/ Le Salon de l’OEuvre Originale Numérotée

Jean-Michel Alberola, Arpenter l’intervalle, 2014, impr. idem, éd. item, lithographie, 88,2 x 60 cm. BnF, Estampes.


Everyday at 3pm, Philippe Piguet, the artistic director of the fair, invites an artist or an expert to discuss about the wide range of practices linked with the production of multiples.

Friday 11th at 3pm: “From a practice to another” 

Pierre Buraglio, artist

Saturday 12th at 3pm: “From a practice to another”
Marie Aerts, artist

Sunday 13th at 3pm: “The profession of publisher”
Grégoire Robin, Éditions Dilecta

Back in December 2014…

Thursday 11th 2014 

Claire Tangy, Director of the Artothèque, Espace d’art contemporain à Caen and Paul Ripoche, Director of the Musée du dessin et de l’estampe originale de Gravelines, « The contemporary multiple within the institutional collections”
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Friday 12th 2014

Philippe Cognée, artist, « From a practice to another »

Saturday 13th 2014

Cyrille Noirjean, URDLA director, and Youcef Korichi, artist, “Technics and contemporary creation”

Sunday 14th 2014

Françoise Petrovitch, artist, « From a practice to another »
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