The SOON & R.L.D. Editions Award

SOON PARIS and R.L.D Éditions, printers and art publishers since 1973, value and support contemporary European artists.

We hope to strengthen the position of art prints and to enable artists to explore this medium by using its means to create. They can thereby enhance their experience of multiple artwork.

The selection’s committee is composed of the members of Atelier R.L.D.: Corinne Dutrou, director, Christian Mameron, head of the workshops, and Sébastien Desplat, head of collection, as well as the committee members of SOON PARIS: Philippe Piguet, artistic director, Claire Tanguy, director of Artothèque, espaces d’art contemporain in Caen, Cécile Pocheau Lesteven, head curator of contemporary prints and artists’ books in the BnF, the board of SOON and the 2015 laureate Mathieu Dufois.

The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 30th 2017, at the opening reception of SOON PARIS.


The first SOON Paris & R.L.D. Éditions Prize was awarded to Mathieu Dufois during the 2015 edition. A solo exhibition of his work will be held at the fair this year.