Galerie 8+4 – Bernard Chauveau / Le Néant Éditeur – Paris

Stand B7

Zoom / Projet : Pierrette Bloch

Since 2006, Galerie 8 + 4 / Bernard Chauveau – Le Néant Editeur specializes in the edition and creation of original works of art with contemporary international artists, whether young or well-established.

Each project undertaken is the result of an encounter with an artist and conveys its own specific consistency. The finished work often has a special place in the artist’s corpus, in response to a desire to produce a specific work in a limited edition.

Each edition is therefore the result of a long process of maturation, discussions, and exchanges between the artist and the gallery. The aim is not, therefore, to just produce a “multiple of mores” but to reflect on ways of creating limited edition artwork whilst taking into account distribution methods to a larger public than usual. For us, what counts is the urgency of delivering works likely to enthrall the world whilst interrogating it in a radically new fashion (poetically and politically).

The editioned projects we will be exhibiting concern the following artists: Pierrette Bloch, François Azambourg, Pan Bi Wei, Odile Decq, Peter Downsbrough, David Dubois, Christian Ghion, Hellène Gaulier, Alex Katz, Claude Lévêque, Vera Molnar, Claire Trotignon, Lawrence Weiner

Director : Bernard Chauveau Address : 9, rue Édouard Nieuport 92150 Suresnes – France Phone : +33(0)1 47 72 93 61