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Zoom / Projet : Pierre Alechinsky

Nicaise is specialised in art and precious books from the XXth and XXIst centuries. The dialogue between art and literature is its essence. Not ordinary books : illistrated, painted, on deluxe papers, in limited and numbered editions, with inscriptions, autograph corrections when they are not entire literary manuscripts. We hand-select these works for their remarkable aspects and their graphic quality.

Quite naturally, we like to present our books in regard of contemporary artists ‘ works through monographic exhibitions.

If we had to name our artistic line, we’d talk about «fringes», gesture and materiality. Most of our artists are figurative, their stroke assured, incisive and sometimes harsh. We want to show a form of beauty freed from coated paper magazines’ standards ; artworks upsetting conventions with their plastic strenght, their emotional intensity.  We aim for artworks that bear in their in themselves the infinite strength of an assertive objectivity.

Director : Pierre Walusinki Address : 145, boulevard St-Germain 75006 Paris – France Phone : +33(0)1 43 26 62 38