SAPO Contemporary Drawing

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Zoom / Projet : Delfina Estrada & Maria Ibanez Lago, Constanza Piaggio, Romain Sein, Fabrica de Estampas.

Delfina Estrada was born in Tigre, Buenos Aires , Argentina in 1984. She studied at the National Art Institute and has participated in workshops such as Eduardo Stupía , the scholarship as ECUNHI – FNA in 2011 and the Artist´s Program in 2014 at the University Torcuato di Tella.

Since 2008 she is dedicated to engraving etching. In her work she is interested to explore  the possibilities of ingraving and to link the poetic imagery that characterizes her work. Her iconography is inspired by her history and interests, from her native home, in full nature, to excerpts from poems or stories of war.

SAPO -Contemporary Drawing is an exhibition space, that generates movement and reflection that prioritizes the drawing as a discipline in itself with autonomy and independence in the visual arts, where drawing is the means and the main subject of his exhibitions . Since its creation SAPO has surprised by its fast action and its growth in the galleries of Buenos Aires circuit.

It began its operations in 2008 with a staff of designers and illustrators and slowly started to work with all the means in which the drawing can develop his line, like video , prints , installations and performances . Since 2008, it has participated in national fairs like arteBA and this year took part in the ninth edition Drawing Now PARIS . Finally , SAPO has held over 20 exhibitions in Buenos Aires and abroad .

Director : Eleonora Molina

Address : Montevideo 1723  1021 Buenos Aires – Argentine

Phone : +54 11 4815 3515 (int: 241)