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Stand A7

Zoom / Projet : Frédéric Tacer

This is an attempt to explore and push the boundaries of two different media by combiningthem ; an attempt also to test how far either art technique can stand its own in this confrontation. The challenge of finding common iconic ground means translating everyaspect of engraving into digital artwork, starting with the medium, the technology and eventhe very process of conception.

We hope that using mixed media to recycle images produced by other art forms and turningthem into new, complex objects, will help shed a radically different light on one medium andits destination, e.g. screenprinting and its place in art technologies. In addition, the cross-purposing of technologies and techniques can be seen as an attempt to counter thedeterioration pinpointed in Rancière’s concept of translational poeticsaccording to which down grading occurs while bridging the gap between the virtual and the actual.

Director : Yann Owens Address : 171, boulevard de Strasbourg 76600 Le Havre – France Phone : +33(0)6 78 62 54 20