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In 1978, on Max Schoendorff’s initiative, some artists formed an association in order to save a lyonnaise outdated lithographic print house from an imminent destruction as it was going banckrupt. Once this heritage (presses, hundred-year-old lithographic stones) was saved, the use had to be defined. Dedicated to the present creation, the lithographic activity came back to life.

Nowadays, URDLA – International print & book Center is located in a 1 000 sqm ex-factory. It is an hybrid place which gathers print workshops (lithography, intaglio, relief print, typography…), a gallery, a bookshop.

The association links up the protection of an heritage, the support of contemporary creation, and the distribution of artworks towards art lovers, collectors and schools.

Directeur : Cyrille Noirjean urdla@urdla.com www.urdla.com Adresse : 207, rue Francis-de-Pressensé 39100 Villeurbanne – France Tel : +33(0)4 50 72 65 33 34