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Zoom / Projet : Usual Objects by artists

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE publishes in limited editions usual objects conceived by artists.  

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE produces each series accordingly to the conditions defined in collaboration with the artist. Itproduction may imply artisans, manufactures or in other casesbe entirely made by the artist himself.  

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE releases a catalogue (in progress) of usual objects, which thanks to the artist’s gesture become out-standing.

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE is also the title of a book by Japanese potter Kawai Kanjiro, where are gathered his thoughts about artistic creation.

WE are Anna Klossowski, Louise Grislain and Charlotte Morel.

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE in Paris since 2015.

Director : Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski, Charlotte Morel we@wedonotworkalone.fr www.wedonotworkalone.fr Address : 71, Boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris – France Phone : +33(0)6 88 74 21 31